Proxies in iGFU

Proxies are a way for you to designate access to iGFU screens that otherwise only you see. Two iGFU screens currently support proxies:
  1. Class Rosters -- This was done primarily to support designating a work-study student to use the attendance feature in iGFU's class roster fucntion, although you might set up your assistant to have access to create printed class rosters or student-photo sheets for your classes
  2. Textbook selection -- If your assistant generally handles the textbook ordering, you may want to set them up as a proxy for that function in iGFU

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How set up proxies in iGFU

  • In your browser, go to iGFU at Near the bottom you'll see an option titled MyGFU. Click that. If you've logged into iGFU before, it may remember you and not require you to log in again. If it does ask you to log in, use your university username/password -- then you'll see a screen similar to this one.

  • Click My Proxies, and a screen like this will appear. The text at the bottom just describes what proxies are. Click the Add proxy near the top.

  • You'll get a space to search for people by name. Enter either the first or the last name of your work-study or your assistant. iGFU will show you a list of people that match, and you can select the correct one.

  • You can then select which iGFU function you'd like this person to be a proxy for.

  • Here's a screen that shows an instructor with a proxy configured for Class Rosters and a different proxy configured for Textbook selection. Click the 'X' icon to remove a proxy.