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The "My class roster(s)" function is the starting point for a variety of information and functions designed for faculty in iGFU, including:

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Your Teaching Schedule

When you log into iGFU (go to with your browser, select MyGFU at the bottom), you (as faculty) will find a function "My class roster(s)." Click/tap that and you'll see a screen similar to the one shown here.

Things to note:

  • You can change what term you're looking at with the drop-down list of terms at the top right
  • If you're looking at the current term, your classes that are scheduled to meet today are shown at the top of the list of classes
  • You can subscribe to a live calendar feed of your teaching schedule. (Tap/click the "Subscribe" under your class list for information on how that works)
  • You can tap/click a course to get details about that course

Class Roster

Tap/click a class in your class list to view the class roster similar to the one shown here. There is a lot of information here.

  • Course number (HNRS 150 A) and description (Origins: Athens and Jerusalem Fall 2014)
  • The stack-of-books icon is tap/clickable (as are most icons in iGFU). That will show the books for the course
  • Days and meeting times for the class
  • Meeting location. Note there's a map icon there. Tap/click that to see the location on a map (in the example, PHS 102)
  • Tap/click a student name/icon to see information (major, contact information, academic advisor name/contact)

Photo Rosters

If you are using a tablet or you are using a computer and have your browser window sized large enough, you'll get an icon labeled Photos. Tap/click this icon to see a class roster with photos of each student. The photo roster has a section for men and a section for women. The assumption is that you'll be using this to identify students and that you can quickly narrow down the search to male or female. Tap/click a student's photo to see more information (including contact info).

Email Class

Email class invokes the default email client on your machine and creates a new message with the recipient list populated. Since George Fox uses Gmail, you'll probably need to configure your browser (if your'e using a computer rather than a tablet/smartphone) to use Gmail as your default email client. IT has a tech-tip on how to do that).

Foxtale Forums

You can view the activity in your class' FoxTale forums by tap/clicking the Forums icon. Note that iGFU does not provide the ability to create forum posts - it is a read-only function. To post an entry you still need to log into FoxTale.

In-class Surveys

You can do interactive in-class surveys with results shown graphically in real-time as students respond. The survey function has some unique features, but it also has some limitations. If you're interested in doing in-class surveys, contact Brian (contact info at the top of this page), to see if iGFU surveys will fit your need.


If the class you're viewing is scheduled to meet today, there will be attendance options on the right side. In the example notice there are checkboxes down the right side of the class roster. Check the box to record attendance. Tap/click again to get back to not-in-attendance.

If you have not checked anybody's attendance, you'll see a red X and a green Check icon. That's for checking/unchecking the whole class (it might be easier to check everyone present then uncheck only those that are absent).

If you are on a computer, you will also see an ID-card icon. If you have a magnetic card reader attached to your computer (you can check them out at the IT service desk). This lets you take attendance by having students swipe their cards as they arrive for class.

Finally... If you have recorded attendance data for your class, you will see a Spreadsheet download icon (not shown in example). Tap/click this icon to download a comma-delimited list (readable by Excel and Numbers) of your attendance record for the course.