Textbook Selection

The forms to order textbooks have been moved into iGFU. For information on why this change was made, see Textbook Order Form

How to let Administrative Assistants order books for you

iGFU allows you to set up one or more proxies for your class rosters and/or your textbook ordering. When your proxy logs into iGFU, he/she will see your class roster and/or textbook order function. See iGFU Proxies for information on how to set that up. If you'd like an assistant to handle your textbook ordering and don't want to fool with the details of setting them up as a proxy, contact bmclaugh@georgefox.edu, and I'll work with your assistant to get them set up.

What do I do if I read through all this and still need help?!

Contact me!
Brian McLaughlin
(503) 554-2587

How to use iGFU's textbook selection function

  • In your browser, go to iGFU at igfu.georgefox.edu. Click the MyGFU option near the bottom and log in with your university credentials (if you've logged into iGFU before, it may remember you and simply log you in automatically).

  • If, according to Peoplesoft, you are the instructor for a current or upcoming class, you will get an option titled Textbook selection. Your screen may look similar to this:

  • Click Textbook selection

  • You will see a list of courses that you are teaching in the current term. You can select what term to work with using the list near the top right. When you change the selected term, you'll see the courses you are teaching for that term.

  • Click on the course you'd like to select textbooks for. You'll get a screen similar to the screenshot to the right. In this example, iGFU sees that there are three prior offerings of BIBL 250 and gives the option to use the same books that were used in one of those prior offerings. If you click one of those, you'll see the textbooks from that prior class appear. At that point, if you are satisfied with those books, you are done -- those books will appear for students, and the bookstore is notified the following morning of your order.

  • To add new books to the course, click on Add Book, and a text field will appear where you can enter search criteria. You can put the ISBN number here, or you can put title or author or subject. This will search Amazon for a match. Note that it only displays the top 10 results -- if you don't see the book you're looking for in the top 10 results, use the Back button (at the top right) and try to better define your search.

  • Searching for "Flintstones" will return these results.

  • Selecting a book adds it to your course. At this point, this book as displayed to students and will be reported to the bookstore the next morning.

  • It's a fair guess that "The Flintstones: The Official Guide to the Cartoon Classic" by Jerry Beck is not really a required book for BIBL 250 ONL -- obviously this selection was made by mistake! Note that there is an "Edit" button near the top right. Click that, and it will change to "Done" and a "Delete" button will appear on each book for the course. You can remove individual books by clicking the appropriate Delete button. When finished deleting, click the "Done" button.

  • If the item you want to add is not a book or doesn't have an ISBN number (a course packet or art supply for example), click the "Add supply." This gives a screen where you can enter what the item is, notes about the item, and you can let the student (and the bookstore) know about how many will be needed for your course (for example, students might need 3 paintbrushes or two bottles of ink -- I don't know... I'm just making these examples up as I go). Click the button at the bottom, "Add Supply" to place the order.