George Fox maintains two wireless networks:
To configure the network for use on campus:
  1. Go to Settings (tap the 'Menu' button and select Settings)
  2. Select 'Wireless & networks'
  3. Select Wi-Fi Settings
  4. If Wi-Fi is not turned on (checked), turn it on
  5. A list of networks should appear (probably two, foxpublic, and foxwifi)
  6. If you have a George Fox username/password (staff, faculty, students), select foxwifi, and enter your username/password.
  7. If you're a guest, select foxpublic and enter the WEP key.

Note that these instructions were verified on a Verizon HTC Android phone. If your device's configuration screens differ, please contact the IT Service Desk at (503) 554-2569 for help in configuring your Android device