Degree Progress

This feature presents your degree audit graphically, showing how much of each requirement has been completed, how much is in progress, and how much is scheduled (enrolled in future classes and courses in your academic planner).

Academic requirements for your degree/major are bundled into Requirement Groups. Requirement Groups are made up of Requirements, and Requirements are made up of Requirement Line Items. In the Degree Progress feature Requirement Groups are red, Requirements are green, and Requirement Line Items are orange.

Below is an image showing a student's six Requirement Groups

Each graph is potentially divided into five colored sections:

  1. The dark red indicates requirements that have been met with courses taken and with credits granted from transfers or testing.
  2. The lighter colored red indicates requirements that are being met with courses you are currently taking.
  3. The lighter-yet red indicates requirements that are met by courses you are enrolled in for a future term.
  4. The grey indicates requirements that are met by courses in your academic planner
  5. The white indicates requirements that are not yet accounted for (you could use the planner to fill this out)

If you tap/click a Requirement Group, it will open to display the requirements within (in green).

Tap a Requirement to see the Requirement Line Items within (in orange). Note that for requirement line items that are credit-hour based, it shows how many credits you've earned (including those you are currently enrolled for) out of the number required (in the example above it shows the student has acquired 29 credits (counting courses he's currently taking and those he's enrolled in for future terms) of a "42 hours in upper division credit" requirement line item. He also has courses in his planner that will fulfill the rest of this requirement line item (the grey piece of the graph extends to the end). Only courses that you are enrolled in count in the percentage figures (courses in the planner fill out the graph but are not counted in the percent complete).

Tap a Requirement Line Item, and it will open to display the individual courses that your degree audit is using to fullfill that requirement line item.

It shows the course, the term you took it (or are scheduled to take it), the number of credit hours for the course, and the status.
  • TR - Transfer credits
  • TST - Credits granted via testing
  • CMP - Completed course
  • CUR - Courses you're currently taking
  • ENR - Courses you're enrolled in for future terms
  • PLN - Courses you've set up in your academic planner